Tunica Craps Clinic 2016

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We’re just one month away from Heavy and Howard’s next Tunica Craps Clinic – your next opportunity to join Heavy and Howard for an Axis Power Craps weekend is coming up May 20th – 22nd. Mississippi.  At one time the third largest gaming destination in the United States, in recent years Tunica has taken on more of a “locals” flair, which means low limits, great odds, easy comps, and some of the best action between Atlantic City and Las Vegas. And since we’ve schedule this year’s event for the same weekend as “Memphis in May,” the World BBQ Championships in Memphis, we’re confident you guys who love the application of smoke and heat to meat will want to be there as well.

Howard “Rock ‘n Roller” and I have been rocking the boats together since 2001, and one of the things we both love to do is meet new players and old friends and pass along our knowledge of the game and how to beat the dice.

Alums, come on out and we’ll show you the latest toss techniques and betting strategies, and help you get the cobwebs off your toss and tune it up for the weekend to come.

New students, we have a very full day planned for you in a local casino dealer school where you’ll receive one-on-one and group training from both Heavy and Howard – and get plenty of time to practice on real casino tables.

Fly into Memphis a day early, hit Tunica and scout out the best tables in town, then take them for all they’re worth. But don’t plan anything for Friday night, because that’s when we’ll have our traditional “Dutch” Meet and Greet Get-Together. Join us at the bar, knock back a few, renew old friendships and make new ones. Hungry? The place I have in mind has decent bar food. Or you may want to hit one of the local favorites for dinner, relax and enjoy the company of your fellow crapsters. Afterwards you’ll be on your own to hit the casinos alone or in teams as we attempt to tame the tables. But don’t blow the entire bankroll Friday night. You’ll definitely want to have some cash in reserve when we take on the tables throughout the weekend.

Saturday morning we’ll crank up at the local dealer school. This class will offer the best of both worlds. All attendees will have the opportunity for hands-on coaching from both Heavy and Howard. Both coaches offer slightly different approaches to dice influencing – both with the same objective – getting you the best, most profitable toss ever. We’ll start out with the basics of dice control:

JumpStart Review of the Basics
***Correct Table Positions – stick left isn’t the only spot in town!
***Correct Dice Sets and how to get there quickly!
***Correct Grip for you based on the physical shape of your hand.
***Correct Toss for you – depending on your physical stature and ability.
***Focus, Breath Control, and Landing Zone
***Visualization and the Mental Edge
One-on-One Toss Tweaks – Round 1
Alternate Shots – Heavy and Howard Demo
Betting 101 – Mock Session

We’ll break for lunch around midday, then spend the afternoon delving into advanced techniques in dice control, including:

Advanced Dice Control
***Point Shooting
***Shooting from the Don’ts
***Come Out Strategies
One-on-One Toss Tweaks – Round 2
Advanced Betting Strategies
***Playing in the Moment
No Sevens Competition
Wrap-Up – Q&A Roundtable

Here’s how tuition shakes out:
Axis Power Craps Alums half-day (morning) toss tune-up session for just $199. Enroll at the following link:


Axis Power Craps Alums full-day session is just $399. Enroll at the following link:


First-time students must sign up for the full day Saturday. Tuition is $599 and includes a free copy of the Axis Power Craps Seminar on DVD – a $189 value. Register at the following link:


First time student who already own a copy of the Axis Power Craps Seminar on DVD can deduct $100 from the tuition and register for $499. If you already own a copy of the DVD register on the following link:


ON Saturday night you’ll be on your own to hook up with your fellow students for live play or simply enjoy some of the amenities that Tunica and the Memphis area have to offer. Memphis in May’s World BBQ Championship will be in full swing down on Mud Island. Or if you prefer to avoid the crowds at Memphis in May you have other choices. Check out the best Memphis has to offer at Neely’s Interstate or Central BBQ. Or check out the Beale Street Historic District and enjoy an evening of blues and booze at B.B. King’s. Drive by Elvis’ old digs and have your photo taken in front of the gates to Graceland. Or just hang around Tunica and grab a big hunk of meat at Jack’s Steak House in the Horseshoe. Whatever you decide to do – it will be hard to go wrong on this weekend.

On Sunday Howard and I will host TWO invitation-only live sessions for up to eight subscribers per session. Live session participation fees are $149 for one session or $289 for both. These sessions are only available only to players who sign up for either the Alumni or New Student Dice Control Training Sessions on Saturday. Live casino sessions will last 60 to 90 minutes, depending on table/casino conditions and will be played on “open” tables. The coaches reserve the right to split the players into two groups depending upon casino table conditions. Since these sessions will be played on open tables there are no guarantees regarding shooting positions, etc.

Sign up at these links:

One Session:


If you prefer to register by mail and pay by check or money order then mail your remittance along with your seminar selections to:

Steve “Heavy” Haltom
PO Box 7094
Tyler, Texas 75711

Please include your casino “handle” (nickname), cell phone number and e-mail address with your mail-in registration. An e-mail address is required so we can send confirmation and pre-seminar updates.

As always, your tuition covers the cost of the seminar itself and all hand-out material. You’re on your own for transportation, meals, and accommodations.

See you in Tunica this May!

While we teach advantage play techniques for casino craps – it’s still gambling. You could lose. Do not play with money you can’t afford to lose. Gambling problem? Get help. Call the National Council on Problem Gambling toll free at 1-800-522-4700.
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