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September is the first “R” month of the year, and that means Oyster Season on the beach!  Join Heavy and Howard as they roll back into Biloxi September 16th for a weekend of group craps training, one-on-one toss tweaks, betting strategies, and live casino sessions all designed to take YOU to the top of your game. We’re bringing you more of what you’re looking for. More one-on-one time with the coaches. More “new” toss techniques. More betting strategies. More live session opportunities. Make your plans now to attend.

We’ll kick things off with a casual meet and greet at a location to be announced on Friday night. Meet the coaches and get acquainted (or reacquainted) with your classmates on this adventure. Hoist your favorite brew or discover one of the new local craft beers. Have a dozen raw oysters, a dozen fried, and throw in a dozen shrimp and a few catfish fillets. Fried green tomatoes, hush puppies, or whatever else suits your pallet. Then wash the grease off your fingers and go toss a few at the most exciting casinos on the coast! But don’t stay out all night because we’ll crank up early at the dealer school and you won’t want to miss a minute of it!

Saturday we’ll have two tracks to run on – alumni and new student. Saturday morning’s session will focus on toss tweaks for alumni students and toss basics for new students. Each student will get one-on-one time with both Heavy and Howard, plus ample time to practice on their own on the casino’s third craps table. If time permits we’ll wrap up the session with a head-to-head shoot-out for session bragging rights.

Saturday afternoon we’ll continue polishing up tosses, introduce you to Howard’s  alternate shots for use in special circumstances, and cover betting systems and strategies for casino craps – including Heavy’s power-press moves!  We’ll wrap the afternoon up with a mock casino session using the strategies we’ve learned in the class, with best bettor bragging rights going to the player with the biggest ending bankroll.

Tuition is as follows:

Alumni Students – Saturday Morning Tune-Up – $199


Alumni Students – Full Day Saturday – $399

First Time Students Must Sign Up for Full Day Saturday – $599

Saturday night you’ll be on your own. Get out and enjoy all of the attractions the coast has to offer. Great dining, great gaming, and great company. It’s all there in Biloxi.

On Sunday Heavy and Howard will be offering THREE live casino session opportunities with students who sign on. We’ll play two sessions Sunday morning, then a third session on Sunday afternoon. The number of available slots for these sessions will be extremely limited, as we’ll be playing on “open” tables at the casinos. Early registration for these sessions is strongly recommended. Pricing is $119 for one session. $229 for two sessions. $329 for three sessions.

One Live Casino Session with Heavy and Howard – Sigh Up Here:

Two Live Casino Sessions with Heavy and Howard – Sign Up Here:

Three Live Casino Sessions with Heavy and Howard – Sign Up Here:


To register and pay by check or money order send your remittance, including your e-mail address and forum handle, to:

Steve “Heavy” Haltom
PO Box 7094
Tyler, TX 75750

Tuition covers the class and all handout material. Students are on their own for accommodations and meals.

See you in Biloxi!

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