This Summer, July 15 – 17, Heavy and DarthNater bring the HEAT to Las Vegas with our Hot Summer Dice Seminar.  Break out the shorts and tees.  Be sure to pack a hat and SPF 2000 Sun Screen.  Wear those shoes with the EXTRA thick soles – the kind those guys who pave the streets with asphalt wear.  Shades?  A must!  Maybe one of those evaporative cooling neckbands they advertise on late night TV.  Oh, and be sure you book your hotel room on the East side of whichever tower they put you in.  You do not want that afternoon sun blasting through your window.

Okay, now that we have the Las Vegas Summer Fear Factor out of the way, let’s focus on this weekend.  This class will be at DarthNater’s home with the six million dollar view nestled in the hills overlooking his pool, the golf course, a lake, the Las Vegas Valley – including Vegas itself, and the mountains to the West.  Nate’s home, like the Las Vegas casinos, is a comfortable 72 degrees year round.  We’ll have bottled water and soft drinks on hand so you can stay hydrated, and will even provide a few snacks to keep your blood sugar balanced before and after lunch.  But enough of that – what about the class itself?

The fact is – no one else teaches dice control at the LEVEL that Nate and I do.  And we do mean LEVEL.  We remove every possible opportunity for variance in your toss.  It all starts with a good foundation, which most players don’t have.  So, we fix your stance problem if you have one.  We address any grip issues that may be impacting your toss.  And we work on the toss itself.  If it’s basically sound – we don’t reinvent it.  We simply make whatever small tweaks are needed in order to make it the best it can be.  But if there are fundamental flaws, we’ll correct them and give you a great foundation to build on.  Our toss training results have been born out through meticulous tracking via the signature BoneTracker Extended program, where we’ve noted marked improvement in participants’ results.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for this exciting weekend:

Friday we’ll kick off the weekend with FOUR BoneTracker Training Sessions – ONE in the morning and TWO in the afternoon. We’ll offer ONE Basic BoneTracking Session Friday morning for those of you just learning the software, and Three Advanced BoneTracking Sessions for those of you who have the software down pat but want some expert analysis of your toss results. The Basic BoneTracking class will take you through all of the information you need to know to be able to track and analyze your own rolls in BoneTracker, including the data entry page and the transition tabs.

The Advanced BoneTracking Sessions will build on that and provide you with a personal analysis of 720 of your own rolls while taking a deep dive into your best dice sets for every number on the layout. Advanced Students MUST submit a book of 560 to 720 rolls by no later than July 1st to allow the coaches sufficient time to analyze their results and publish the accompanying reports. Each of these sessions is limited to just TWO players each for the Advanced Sessions – THREE students for the morning Basic session. Former attendees RAVE about the results they’ve gotten from the Advanced Classes and you will too.  These classes sell out quickly so first to register and pay fills the slot available and once these slots are filled, they are filled. No more slots will be added. The cost of these sessions breaks down as follows:

Basic BoneTracking Class: $299
Advanced BoneTracking Class: $399
BOTH Basic and Advanced Classes Combined: $649

Students signing up for the Advanced BoneTracking Class must submit a book of 720 rolls in BoneTracker format a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the class to allow time for the coaches to complete their analysis of the rolls.

Again, only TWO slots are available for each of the Advanced sessions and THREE are available for the morning Basic session. Note that the BoneTracker slots are not available as part of the Axis Power Craps Golden Ticket option.
Sign on for the BoneTracker Sessions at the following links:

Basic BoneTracking Class: $299:

Advanced BoneTracking Class: $399:

BOTH Basic and Advanced BoneTracking Classes: $649:

Friday night we’ll get together for our Meet and Greet at one of Heavy’s favorite Martini bars where attendees can put names and faces together, hoist a few if that’s their choice, make dinner or play plans for later and just generally have a good time.  Afterward everyone will be on their own for the evening’s entertainment.  Heavy recommends making an early night of it,  because Saturday’s class comes early.

Saturday’s dice control class cranks up in Nate’s craps pit promptly at 9AM.   After a brief tour of the table and coverage of a few ground rules and class basics, we’ll jump right in with toss training.  Among the topic we’ll cover over the course of this weekend:

Owning the Table
Pre-Setting the Dice
Gripping the Dice
Focus and the Mental Edge
Breathing and Relaxation (SABRE)
The Toss and Follow Through
Angle of Attack for Different Tables
Felt vs. Microfiber
How to Handle Bouncy Tables
Backspin – More or Less
Observing Results and Diagnosing Results

Bankroll and Buy In
Betting – Progressive – Regressive – Right or Wrong

Money Management and Discipline
When to Walk – When to Run
And, of course, much more . . .

Tuition for the Dice Control Seminar on Saturday is $995 for first time students, $895 for DD214 Veterans and GTC Alumni Students (Yes, we welcome our competitor’s students), and $695 for Axis Power Craps Alumni Students. Enroll at the links listed below:

First Time New Students enroll for $995 at this link:

First Time DD214 Vets and GTC Alum Students enroll for $895 at this link:

Axis Power Craps Alumni Students enroll for $695 at this link:

On Sunday morning we’ll offer an optional Advanced Betting Strategy Class. This is really where the rubber meets the road and you learn to put together what you learned in the dice control class with proper betting strategies for the situation at hand. This class is split about 40/40 between Right Side and Dark Side play, with the remaining 20% focusing on hybrid or hedge plays that utilize both the Right Side and the Dark Side as part of the strategies.

This class stretches about four hours and is, quite frankly, a Master’s Class in betting. While it is an optional add-on class – everyone signing on for the seminar weekend should sign on for this class. Note that if you have taken an Axis Power Craps Seminar in the past and wish to sign up for the Betting Strategy Class ONLY you may. The tuition for this class is $395 if you are signing on for it as a stand-alone class. If you are signing on for both the Dice Control Class AND the Advanced Betting Strategy Class this weekend it’s $359.

Stand-alone Advanced Betting Strategy Class Enroll Here for $395:

Add on the Advanced Betting Class to your Dice Control Class by enrolling here for $359:

On Sunday afternoon DarthN8r and I will play several LIVE casino sessions with the students who sign on for the weekend’s events. Typically, these sessions range from 45 to 90 minutes each – depending on casino conditions. If a session goes great it may stretch to two-and-a-half to three hours – in which case we’ll consider that two sessions. Locations to be decided and announced at the seminar itself. We’ll also do our best to communicate our “hook-up” location by Group Text messages over the course of the weekend.

The Vegas classes DarthN8r and I have offered recently not only Sold Out – they were some of the best classes we’ve ever offered in terms of pure craps educational content. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn from two of the best in the business. July is PRIME TIME in Vegas. But make your plans to join us NOW and take advantage of low airfares and get the best deals on hotel room comps.  Summertime is PRIME time on the Strip in Vegas.

Tuition covers the cost of the classes and all related material. Students are on their own for transportation, lodging, meals, etc.  Remember, these events are intended to be instructional – educational weekends. While many players walk away from these events winners – there is no guarantee that you will win at any casino session. It’s still gambling and you could lose. Don’t gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. 


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