Biloxi APC Seminar and Hot Shooter Hullabaloo

February 23 – 25, 2024

Biloxi, Mississippi

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t schedule two seminars in Biloxi just four-and-a-half months apart, but our APC pals up North have absolutely loved those late Winter – early Spring getaways to the Coast over the years, and I think it’s about time we did another one before making another run out to Vegas. By the weekend of February 23rd, the Mardi Gras beads should have all been swept up from the streets and we’ll have missed the President’s Day Weekend crowd. I’m thinking the timing will be just about right. In fact, according to my latest “AI Search,” The best time to visit Biloxi is from November to April, when the weather cools off and room rates are affordable. The oysters will be fat and in their prime, and daytime temperatures should average around 65 degrees. Yeah, Biloxi can be a little rainy in February, but guess what! It ain’t snow and it’s plenty warm in the casino’s spa.

Last year in Biloxi was the winningest year I can remember for the APC crew and students, and this year hasn’t been far behind. And as I always tell you guys who haven’t been there – Biloxi has it all. Ten casinos on the Biloxi/Gulfport Gulf Coast, including Caesars, Boyd, MGM, and Hard Rock properties. Fantastic odds at craps, with most properties offering 10X odds and the IP standing above the others with 20X odds. Are you a non-smoker? Love low-limit games? The Palace is your kind of place, typically with a $10 game while everyone else in town is running $15 – $25 action. Plus, they have one of the few buffets still running on the coast and it is outstanding! Dealers? Biloxi has some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable you’ll ever meet. Comps? Typically, easy to earn and generous if you’re good player. Oh, and unlike Las Vegas – Biloxi has an ocean to go with its beach. Thirteen miles of white sand and sun. It’s my favorite place in the USA to play craps, and I’ve played just about every market in the country.

This should be a great time to be there, and I’m giving you plenty of time to make your plans. This weekend will feature the traditional Friday night Meet and Greet get-together – a chance for attendees to put faces with names, swap a few war stories, and perhaps make plans for dinner, drinks, or an evening at the tables. Everyone is welcome to bring a spouse, friend, or significant other. This will be a “no host” event, so everyone is on their own for food and beverages. Enjoy yourselves, but don’t be out too late, because we’ll have a full day of training on slate for Saturday.

Saturday’s class will be at a local casino dealer school, beginning at 9AM and running through approximately 5:30PM. There will be roughly a 45-minute break for lunch around mid-day at a local sandwich shop a block down the street from the school. This will be a full day of dice control training, focusing on the mechanics of the grip and toss, including set, grip, aim, focus, breath control, visualization, landing zone, execution, and follow through. We’ll teach you how to read the dice and how they interact with the layout – and how to interpret that interaction and make adjustments to your grip and toss to correct any errors. We’ll practice shooting from alternate positions – Stick Left, Stick Right, and Straight Out. And, given time, we will play a mock session using casino chips and incorporate some Basic DI Betting Strategies into your play. All that and more on Day One.

Saturday night you’re on your own to hook up with your fellow students and coaches for live play, dinner, entertainment, or just to hang out and chill. Again, I don’t recommend staying out too late. Typically, Saturday nights are not conducive to winning play in the casino due to crowded tables and the abundance of “amateurs.” It’s always better to get to bed early, then get up early in the morning and play under better conditions.

Sunday morning we’ll meet up once again at the dealer school for the Advanced Betting Strategy Session. This session will begin at 9AM and will wrap up no later than 1PM. We’ll start out the morning with one round of toss tweaks. Then we’ll move right into Right-Side betting strategies. We’ll cover reading a table, presses, power presses, regressions, etc., then move on to Hybrid strategies. From there we’ll move right on into Dark Side Plays and how to implement them into your game and use them as a springboard back to the right side when the heat turns back on. Just about every strategy we discuss will have a specific live-session example associated with it that we can discuss – examples where the play in question has worked far beyond expectations (or failed miserably). This session will definitely put some tools in your craps tool box.

We will wrap up the session at 1PM with plans to reconvene at one of the local casinos later in the afternoon for live play. Location and exact time to be announced at the seminar itself. Play is planned to last roughly three hours, depending on table conditions. The intent is to play two ninety-minute sessions, but if we get on a table and it is running very hot, we will continue to play it until it stops paying, even if it goes beyond the three-hour mark. At the end of the live sessions the seminar weekend will “officially” be over. However . . .

Don’t forget Hangover Monday. Hangover Monday is that Monday after the seminar weekend when the coaches and many of the students who have been to a few of these classes like to “hang over” for another day to get in some additional play before heading home. So, we book our rooms for Monday with a Tuesday departure so we can have the casino to ourselves for the day. There are fewer players, more open spots at the tables, often lower limits, and the pressure to perform is off so frequently the hands are longer and the money won is bigger. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a dime more to hang over and hang out with us (unless you’re having to pay extra for the room or you drop a few bucks at the tables) so why not? I will definitely be there. Heck, I may hang around on Tuesday as well if I can get away with it. LOL.

So, what’s all of this fun and learning going to set you back? Well, I just talked about that in the pricing article, right? Surprise Surprise Surprise. While others are going up on their prices – we’ve LOWERED our tuition on average $200 for 2024.

First time student Tuition: $1250 – Includes both Saturday Dice Control Class and Sunday Advanced Betting Strategy Class. This is over $400 less than our primary competitor and $200 less than 2023 pricing.
Register and pay via PayPal at this link:

Save $50 off that tuition by paying via the Zelle app. Send $1200 via Zelle to

Alumni – Refresher Student Tuition: $950 – Includes both Saturday Dice Control and Sunday Advanced Betting Strategy Class. This is over $500 less than our primary competitor and $200 less than 2023 pricing.
Register and pay via PayPal at this link:

Save $50 off that tuition by paying via the Zelle app. Send $900 via Zelle to

Enrollment fees cover the cost of training and handout material only. Students are on their own for transportation, meals and lodging.  Our Biloxi classes typically “sell out,” and as of this posting, the class is 50% full.  Don’t miss out!  Sign on now!


Come on out for Heavy’s March into Money $eminar – Axis Power Craps Seminar March 9th at Casa Heavy in East Texas. Registration is on a First Come – First Paid Basis for this very limited class on March 9th.  Enrollment is limited to just THREE students.  Should this class sell out, as we expect it will, we will offer a second class on Sunday, March 10th for those who cannot get in on the March 9th class – but this is for ONE WEEKEND ONLY.
Based on the enrollment success of our JumpStart January classes the weekends of January 20th and 27th, we’ve decided to make small weekend classes available on a more regular basis – at least once a quarter – for the rest of 2024. Hopefully you guys and gals will appreciate the effort and support us.
These classes will run from 9AM – 5PM, and like all of my classes, there’s no “hard” finish time. We’ll wrap up when we’re done, even if it takes an extra hour or so. This will be essentially the same class I teach in the seminars we do in Biloxi, Las Vegas, and other cities around the country – just smaller. Topics covered include:
Table Positions – stick left isn’t the only spot in town!
Correct Dice Sets and how to get there quickly!
Correct Grip for you based on the physical shape of your hand.
Correct Toss for you – depending on your physical stature and ability.
Focus, Breath Control, and Landing Zone
Visualization and the Mental Edge
Right Side Betting Progressions, Money Management and Discipline
Basic Don’t Play
And Much More!
Throughout the day we’ll intersperse some basic betting strategies with the toss training to keep everyone on their toes and make sure you all have those signature press moves down. We’ll give everyone an opportunity to toss from at LEAST two positions (everyone needs a back-up spot to shoot from – and we’ll do our best to let everyone try shooting from three positions), then we’ll move on into some of the advanced betting strategies we’d normally cover in the Sunday Advanced Betting Strategy session we teach on the big seminar weekends. These are the sessions that really help you get the money when table gets hot, and keep your money when it gets cold.
Each attendee will receive a copy of Heavy’s original Axis Power Craps Seminar on USB Flash Drive if they don’t already have it, The Original Axis Power Craps Seminar Manuals and handouts on USB Flash Drive, the current Seminar Manual in print copy, plus additional handouts and a live one-on-one toss analyses and a toss improvement plan. But don’t just come out for the personal toss instruction. You’ll learn even more by watching me coach the other attendees.
Sometime around midday we’ll break for a little lunch provided by yours truly – most likely a make-your-own sandwich bar with chips, potato salad, soft drinks and the like, although occasionally the bride decides to test out her cooking skills on us. When that happens you can usually count on chili or spaghetti. Since March is National Meatball Month – I’d count on the latter if she cooks.  After lunch, we’ll get right back at it in the craps pit.
How, you ask, can I manage to get all of this squeezed into one Saturday class? Simple. Due to the space I have available in my craps pit (my table is a 10-footer, not a full 12-footer) I limit the class size to THREE players. Fewer players mean we can wrap up the one-on-one training faster and have more time for betting strategy training in the one-day class.
Tuition is significantly less than in the big classes, since (1) there is no casino school rental, (2) no travel expense for yours truly, and (3) no assistant coaches to pay. Normally first-time tuition would be $1250 for this full day class. This time around, ALL First Time Students can register for $795 – a savings of $455.
Singles register here for just $795 and save $455 off regular registration fee via PayPal at this link: 
New Students may register and pay by Zelle and save an additional $50 – send $745 via Zelle to Please follow up that payment with an email to us letting us know you sent payment, where to send the video package, and what your cell phone number is for the class roster.
If you do not have Zelle you can download the app from your phone’s “Play Store” or from Follow the instructions on the website or within the app to set up your account and begin making and receiving payments via Zelle. Zelle does not charge us a service fee for handling cash transfers, so we pass that savings along to you with reduced tuition fees when you use Zelle.
Alumni Students – looking for a refresher? You’re always welcome at the table. Regularly $695, sign on for the full day’s session for just $595 and save $100.
Alumni students pay via Zelle and save another $50 – send $545 to
Again, when paying via Zelle, always send a follow up email to with your complete name, mailing address and cell number.
At this point the ONLY date we’re booking for is Saturday, March 9th(National Meat Ball Day, by the way).
This class will take place at Heavy’s residence on Lake Tyler East, approximately 12 miles Southeast of Tyler, Texas. Address and driving directions will be provided upon registration.
Note for out of area travelers – the nearest hotels/motels are in Tyler, Texas on the Southeast Loop. I typically recommend the La Quinta University as the nearest hotel. The closest casinos for those of you who may want to follow this class with a casino outing are in Shreveport/Bossier City, approximately 90 minutes East of Heavy’s residence via Interstate 20.
If you’re going to get your gambling year off to a great start – earlier is better when it comes to training. Spring is a great time to get your toss tuned up, brush up on your betting strategies, get the dust off your money management skills, toughen up those discipline ribs, and hang out with a few good folks and enjoy the hospitality at Casa Heavy for the day.
As always, your tuition covers the cost of the seminar itself and all hand-out material. Attendees are on their own for transportation, meals, and accommodations. Remember, these events are intended to be instructional – educational weekends. While many players walk away from these events winners – there is no guarantee that you will win at any casino session. It’s still gambling and you could lose. Don’t gamble with money you cannot afford to lose.


Craps Cruise 11

The Original Craps Cruise

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17 – March 24, 2024

Galveston to the Western Caribbean – Harmony of the Seas

Join Axis Power Craps and URComped’s 11th Craps Cruise Meetup this March 17th, 2024 onboard RCL’s Harmony of the Seas! But register NOW because this cruise is almost sold out!  Click this link to register!

This 7-Night “Craps and Clover” St Patrick’s Meetup will be sailing to the Western Caribbean onboard the Harmony of the Seas from Galveston, Texas! We’ll sail to three of Heavy’s favorite ports in the Caribbean. Go zip-lining in Roatan, or have a white-face monkey encounter in Gumbalimba Eco Park. Visit Chacchoben Mayan Ruins or take an on the water snorkel tour in Puerto Costa Maya. Hit Heavy’s favorite Cuban cigar outlet, Havana Bob’s, and his favorite local restaurant and bar, Wet Wendy’s, just off Benito Juarez Plaza in Cozumel, Mexico. Or choose from any of the dozens of excursions available at any of our ports. But if you prefer a little quiet time – just hang out on Harmony and have the ship and its pools just about all to yourself.

This Meetup will include a Meet and Greet Cocktail reception and Farewell Party, Slot Pull, Slot Tournament, Hot Seats, and more. You’ll also have the opportunity for private and group coaching sessions in the Axis Power Craps method with casino craps pro Steve “Heavy” Haltom!!

P.S. Don’t worry, if you or your traveling companion don’t play craps, because it will still be a BLAST. The URComped family is a fun and friendly group of casino-playing cruisers, so don’t miss this chance to connect and have a ton of fun!  We’ll have parties, slot tournaments, slot pulls, craps competitions, and much more!

Optional Craps Seminar at Sea sessions with Steve “Heavy” Haltom will be available on one of the Craps Tables in Casino Royale on Sea Day mornings. Reservations are Required.

To register for this cruise with URComped follow this link:

Once there you will be asked to upload copies of your best current casino and/or cruise offers along with photocopies of your highest level players cards and your contact information. This information will be used to determine the level of comp or discount URComped will be able to offer you on your first cruise experience with them. Future offers will be based on your play level on your first cruise. Typically, it may take as long as 2 weeks for a host to contact you – usually via email regarding your offer.

On the first Sea Day (Day 2 of the cruise) Heavy will be teaching Advanced Dice Control for Casino Craps. You’ll learn the dice sets, the grip, and the tosses to influence the dice from three different positions at the table. Heavy will demonstrate these tosses and you will have the opportunity to practice them under his supervision during the class. Master these skills and you, too, will be playing craps with a positive expectation. We teach this on the first At Sea day because these skills should serve you well the rest of the cruise. Time permitting we will also cover basic Advantage Betting for Dice Influencers.

On the second Sea Day (Day 3 of the cruise) Heavy will be teaching  Advanced Betting Strategies for Casino Craps. You’ll learn how to turn a profit at the table after just one hit and still have action on the table. He’ll show you the most powerful betting strategy that DI’s use to turn a quick profit on the table. You’ll see his Dominant Number Press Play. And you’ll learn how to quickly press your bets up to table max during a hot hand. And you’ll learn basic Dark Side Play so you can transition to the Don’ts on choppy tables in order to stay in the game until the table gets hot again. These are skills EVERY serious craps player must have to win, but few bother to learn.

On the third Sea Day (Day 6 of the cruise) Heavy will open the table for a “fine tuning” class to take any student who signed up for Days 1 and/or 2 to the next level of proficiency through additional training and practice. We’ll end this session with an open discussion where he will answer any questions you may have about craps, the history of the game, or the history of dice control that you may have. This is your chance to get answers to all of those questions you’ve been too shy to ask through the years. If it’s craps or gaming related – Heavy will likely have an answer. If he doesn’t – he’ll research it after the cruise and get back to you with the answer if he can find it.

Heavy’s Seminars at Sea are $349 for one session, $629 for 2 sessions, or $899 for all three. That’s about 30% less than you’d pay for an eight hour one of his land based one-day dice control seminars! You can register by making payment directly to Heavy via the Zelle app on-line to Pay via CashApp to $StephenHaltom. Always follow up Zelle or CashApp payments with a direct email to Heavy at to let him know specifically which classes you are signing up for.

If you prefer to use PayPal you can register at any of the following links:

One Class at $349:

Two Classes at $629:

All Three Classes at $899:

Heavy’s PREFERRED Payment Handler is Zelle. If you are not familiar with Zelle read about it at Zelle payment should be made to When making payments by Zelle, always send a follow-up email to Heavy at advising him that you have signed up for Craps Cruise 11 sessions, which sessions you are signing up for, your name, and cell phone number. This information is for the class roster so we can reach out to you prior to the cruise to update you on class time and location.

To register for this cruise, follow this link to URComped.

Complete the registration form. When you speak with a URComped host by phone or exchange emails with them be sure to let your them know in your email that you were referred by Heavy.

ACT NOW to Claim Your COMPLIMENTARY or Discounted Stateroom because SPACE IS LIMITED – Best Rooms Fill First and these cruises always sell out. Register NOW to avoid disappointment!  Register at: 



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