Heavy’s First Las Vegas Axis Power Craps Seminar of 2024

Let’s Play Craps and Pick the Ponies – Preakness Weekend

May 17th – 19th

Armed Forces Day Discount for Active-Duty Military!

Sign Up NOW to Reserve Your Slot!  Yeah, I can hear it all now. What the hell is Heavy up to? Is he teaching horse race handicapping in addition to craps and dice control? The short answer – heck no! But as fate would have it, I’ve scheduled our first Las Vegas seminar of 2024 on Armed Forces Day AND on Preakness Race Day! Well dang! As a patriot, I can’t let these two events pass by un-recognized, so what better way to tip my hat to our men and women in uniform than to offer a significant discount to our Seminar that weekend in recognition of their service. Ane since there’s a sports book in just about every casino on the block, and yours truly started betting horses in Hot Springs, Arkansas before I could legally drive – well, I figured I might not be the only one who’d want to slip down to the book on Saturday morning before the class and box a couple of horses. I mean, why the heck not pick that long shot and box him with a couple of the leaders? You might just get lucky and improve on your craps bankroll before we ever hit the tables on Sunday!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the top. I freakin’ LOVE Las Vegas. Okay, it’s not the Vegas I fell in love with when the Rat Pack was still playing on the Strip and the mob was taking care of customer service with a lot more class than most of the corporate joints are today. But still – where else in the world can you find The Sphere Experience, half-a-dozen Cirque de Soleil shows around town, Jersey Boys, Shania Twain’s residency, Wayne Newton Up Close and Personal, Santana, Adele’s Residency, and more tribute and magic shows than you’d find in New York, Los Angeles, or ancient Rome? Add to that, attractions like Hoover Dam, the Neon Museum, the Mob Museum, the Strip and Downtown, Red Rock and Valley of Fire, the Bellagio Fountains and – what the hell – a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon – and you’ve pretty much hit one of the vacation hot spots on the planet. And then there’s the gambling. More casinos, more tables, and better odds than you’ll find just about anywhere in the world. Let’s face it, folks. It just doesn’t get much better than Vegas. No wonder my three-night weekends in Vegas always stretch to five nights. I just can’t get enough of the place.

Our next seminar weekend in Vegas starts on Friday night, May 17th when we get together for a casual Meet and Greet to put faces with names, tell a few war stories, make plans for dinner or play later in the evening, and answer any last-minute questions about the Saturday seminar. No doubt there will be some talk about the Preakness and who’s betting on which horses. Notes will be taken. Then everyone is on their own to hit the dinner tables, craps tables, the sports book, or their beds for a good night’s sleep before our class starts up at a local dealer school on Saturday morning.

Saturday’s class will crank up promptly at 9AM and run until around 5:30PM with a break for lunch at a local sandwich shop around 12:30. The first hour and a half of the class is spent on a few basic items that lay the groundwork for the remainder of the class. Then we move directly to the tables to work on our tosses for most of the remainder of the day. The goal is to let everyone work on perfecting their tosses from at least two positions – preferably three – over the course of the day. The dealer school has two tables for us to work on, so there will be ample time for one-on-one coaching and additional practice. Around 4PM we’ll wrap up toss time and move on to basic betting strategies for dice influencers, with a focus on advantage betting on dominant numbers, regression theory, and press plays that get the money on a hot hand. Additional emphasis will be on reading the table, money management, discipline, and creative visualization. Given sufficient time, we’ll wrap up the day with a No Sevens competition to determine a Best Shooter of the Day. Then we’ll adjourn for an evening of relaxation and (if you desire) casino play.

Sunday morning we’ll reconvene at the dealer school for our Advanced Betting Strategy Seminar. Once everyone is though complaining about the Preakness, we’ll get down to business. This portion of the weekend focuses on about a 50/30/20 mix of Right-Side strategies, Dark Side strategies, and Hybrid/Straddle plays that will help you get the money when the table is hot or cold, and ride out the choppy game until it turns one way or the other, where you can switch gears and profit from it.

Sunday afternoon we will reconvene at a casino to be announced for an afternoon of live casino play. Typically, we shoot for two ninety-minute sessions, however, if we find ourselves on a good table and play through ninety minutes on our first session and beyond the two-hour mark, we will consider that to be two sessions. Play of a second session after that session ends will be at the decision of the coach with that group. Typically, we will continue to play up until dinner and may play additional sessions after dinner that evening. However, bear in mind that many of us will stay over for additional play on “Hangover Monday.”

Hangover Monday is the Monday after the seminar weekend. I normally stay over in Vegas on this Monday in order to get additional play in on a day when the tables are less crowded and table limits are lower. This is often the day when we see the biggest wins of the “weekend.” Everyone is rested and relaxed after the pressures of a seminar weekend, and things just seem to come together better that Monday. If you are able to stay over an additional day for live casino play with the rest of those who hang over – I highly recommend it. There’s no fee to stay and play with the coaches. Just join us at the table and have fun.

Final thoughts: As our long-time slogan suggest, we teach our players to “get in, get up, and get gone.” The way to be a long run winner at craps is to be a consistent winner at short run sessions. If you string fifty $200 winning sessions together, you’ll have won $10,000. You might play fifty six-to-eight-hour sessions and win $10,000, but more likely, your accumulated losses will have far exceeded that. Why? Because the casino clock is not your friend. Ultimately, the house edge will chip away at your profits – even if you are a DI. Short sessions with smaller wins are the smart players way to win, and the first thing you have to learn if you want to be a consistent winner – is how not to lose. We can show you how.

Make your plans to join us now. First time student tuition is $1250. Enroll via PayPal at this link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=K7ZY4U6X2VRAW 

We offer a $50 discount if you enroll via Zelle. Pay $1200 via Zelle to axispowercraps@gmail.com.

First time couples or craps pals, we offer a two-fer discount of $100 each. Enroll via PayPal for $2300 at this link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=9U3ERMTRYPS84

We offer an additional $100 discount for First time student couples or craps pals who enroll and pay via Zelle. Pay $2200 via Zelle to axispowercraps@gmail.com.

Active-Duty Military! In recognition of Armed Forces Day – First Time Students who are Active-Duty Military can sign on for the seminar weekend for just $1050. That’s a $200 discount off our regular price. Sign up via PayPal at the following link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=LXS8FGBNY4WU4

Active-Duty Military – First Time Students can save an additional $50 and sign up for just $1000 by paying via Zelle. Send your Zelle payment for $1000 to axispowercraps@gmail.com.

Alumni Students – Your tuition is $950. Enroll via PayPal at this link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=QLQFNHQTAEQLQ

We offer a $50 discount if you enroll via Zelle. Alums pay $900 via Zelle to

Active-Duty Military Alums: In recognition of Armed Forces Day your tuition is $750. Sign up via PayPal at this link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Z833Z89UW6N8A

Active-Duty Military Alums: Save $50 and sign up for $750 by paying via Zelle to axispowercraps@gmail.com.

First time Zelle users – If you are new to Zelle, go to www.zellepay.com and read about the program. Download the app to your phone via your phone’s app store. Set up your account through your bank. Then make your payment direct from your bank to mine by paying to my email address – axispowercraps@gmail.com.

“No thoroughbred race horses or active-duty military members were injured in the making of this announcement.”

NOTE: Your tuition covers the cost of the class, seminar manual and handouts, and a copy of the original Axis Power Craps Seminar video on USB Flash Drive. Students are on their own for transportation, hotels expenses, meals, and other incidentals. Remember, while dice influence can give you a significant edge over the game, you still have to bet your hands right to profit from that edge, and there are still many variables that can kill that edge in a heartbeat. Do not gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. If you have a gambling problem – help is available. Call 1-800-522-4700.



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