Heavy’s $120 Bankroll Strategy

Articles that offer suggestions on how to play within a certain budget are among our most popular.  Frankly, I’m surprised at how many people ask for suggestions on how to play with around $120  per session.  Admittedly there was  a time when I would have told anyone asking me how to play with a $120 bankroll to forget about it and go play the penny slots.  But max coin in on most penny machines is around $3 a pull, so maybe that’s not such a great idea either.  So I guess we’d best head back to the casino where we can still find a $5 table from time to time.

Essentially, I am going to give you three ways to play with that $120 buy-in. With the $120 Buy-In Craps strategy you the player should never have more than $12 “at risk” on any shooter. A conservative strategy, a moderate strategy, and an aggressive strategy. Once you have the general idea you can develop your own options off these plays. And yeah, I already know which one you’ll opt for.

Conservative Play

Play $5 on the pass line and wait for a point to be established. If the seven or eleven roll parlay the hit and make your line bet $10. If the two, three or twelve roll you are through for that shooter.

Once the point is established do not take odds on the bet. Instead play one $5 Come bet. If the seven rolls you will lose your line bet but win on the come for a push. If the eleven rolls you will win on your come bet with no impact on your line bet. As with a pass line natural, parlay that hit and take the Come bet to $10. If any craps number rolls you will lose your come bet. If this happens you will stop betting until an inside number (5, 6, 8, 9) rolls. Then you will place one more $5 Come bet. If it loses you are through wagering on this shooter.

Once your first Come bet is established continue to play in this manner until you have a total of three bets working – the Pass Line bet and two Come bets. However, you still do not take free odds. You must collect a win on two of your three bets before taking odds. Then you may take single odds on the Pass Line bet.

If your either of your Come bets wins you will lock up the win and the wager, but place no further action. When the second Come bet wins take single odds on the Pass Line bet and play another $5 in the Come. Follow the above guidelines until you have three bets working once again, locking up two out of three hits while increasing the free odds bet on the Pass Line wager with alternate hits. Once you have reached 3, 4, or 5X odds on your Pass Line wager you can then begin taking odds on Come bets with every other hit – again locking up every other win.

This is a take-off on my heat-seeking craps strategy and is a very conservative right-way grind that allows you to capitalize on any streaks that may develop while insulating your bankroll from more than a three unit loss on any hand.

Moderate Play

The opening move of this play is identical to the Conservative play. Play $5 on the Pass Line and wait for the point to be decided. Parlay natural winners. If you lose to a Craps roll then sit out the remainder of this shooter’s hand.

Once again, you will not take free odds after the point is established. However, you will take advantage of the two best place bets on the layout, the six and the eight. Drop $12 on the table and tell the dealer you want to Place the six and eight for $6 each. This gives you a total of three units at risk. In order to moderate that risk somewhat, go ahead and play a $5 Come bet. The hedge effect of the Come bet reduces your exposure to the seven on the next toss.

If the eleven shows on the next toss go ahead and Parlay your Come bet. If any craps number shows you must turn your six and eight place bets off and not play anymore Come action until the shooter tosses an inside number. If the six or eight is tossed the come bet will travel to that number and you will be paid for your Place bet. Take the Place bet and win down and play another $5 Come bet, following the same rules outlined earlier. If any other box number rolls on this second toss the Come bet will travel to that number. You will now have four units at risk, the Line Bet, two Place Bets, and and Come Bet. You must come down on one of the Place Bets at this point while adding another Come Bet. I recommend taking down the Place Bet that is farthest from the point. For example, if the nine were the point and you had Placed the six and eight, go ahead and take down the six.

Continue to play in this fashion until you have converted all of your Place action to Come Bets. After the second hit on any number take single odds on the Pass Line Bet. Lock up every other hit, pressing the free odds on the Pass Line Bet up to 3, 4, or 5X odds before taking odds on the Come Bets. Then continue to follow the same rule on subsequent hits.

Played correctly this strategy will limit your exposure to three units on any given player. By adopting a pay-for-it first philosophy you limit downside risk. However, by adding the Place action and pressing on every other hit you will be positioned to capitalize quickly on any hot hands that develop.

Aggressive Play

By-pass the come out roll, then Place $6 each on the six and eight. On the first hit on either number the dealer will pay you $7. Tell the dealer “Same Bet.” On the second hit on either number the dealer will pay you an additional $7. Drop $5 on the table and tell the dealer to “Press the six and eight to $12 each.” The next hit will pay $14. Again, tell the dealer “Same Bet.” On the fouth hit the dealer will again pay $14. Lock up $4 and place the five and nine for $5 each.

This will give you a total of $34 in action. At this point you transition in to an every-other-decision take and press strategy. Next time the six or eight hit you take the $14. The following time either hits you press both to $18.

The first time the five or nine hit you “same bet” it. On the second hit drop $3 with the $7 payoff and press both to $10. Continue this up and out strategy until you have a pre-determined amount of money on the table – say an amount equivalent to your original buy-in of $120. Then take it all down and start all over. Even an aggressive strategy should have some conservative elements.