One for the Money

While betting strategies don’t give the player an advantage over the game, they can be a lot of fun to play around with – particularly when they work. Here’s a strategy you can test out for as little as $26. Let’s play it out at my favorite locale – Heavy’s Perfect World Casino. There you’ll find a $5 game with 100x odds and everything always works out the way you planned.
First off, let’s by-pass the come-out roll and wait for a point to be established. In this case, we’ll say the point is six. Since we are going to focus on scoring a win on the play side number with this strategy, we will direct all of our press moves toward the eight.
Start out by placing $26 across – no six. You’ll have $5 each on the 4, 5, 9, and 10, and $6 on the eight. Now the shooter has the dice and he rolls a five. The dealer cuts out $7 and asks if you want the same bet. You tell him to bring the five down, then stack your $7 win on top of the $5 he hands you and tell him to press it all on the eight. Your eight now looks like $18.
The ten rolls next and the dealer pays you $9, then asks if you want the same bet. This time you’ll come down off the 10, lock up $2, stack $7 of the $9 win on top of the $5 he hands you and tell him once again to press it all on the eight. The eight now looks like $30.
Since we’re down at the Perfect World Casino, Dame Fortune smiles on you and the shooter tosses the eight next. The dealer cuts out $35, shoots you a look and asks if you want to press it again? No, you say. “Same bet. I only press off the outside numbers.”
At this point you have a $12 profit locked up for the series with $30 action on the eight, $5 on the four, and $5 on the nine. As luck would have it, the nine rolls next and you repeat the play side press move, coming down off the nine and pressing the eight, making it look like $42.
Then fortune smiles again as the eight repeats. You drop a dollar on the table and tell the dealer “Fifty for one.” Your profit for the series is now $61. In addition to the eight, you still have $5 working on the four – which just happens to roll next. Bring the four down, drop $3 on the layout with the payoff and initial bet and power press the eight to $60. Then, just kick back and wait for another eight. Next hit – $70 and down.
Of course, there are all sorts of options you can bake in. For example, instead of that last press move you might consider a regression on the eight, taking it to $30 and placing the point. Then again, you might want to go ahead and take it all down – locking up a guaranteed win and a pleasant trip to the cage. The main thing about this play is that you have many options – all of which can easily lead to a win.