Stick Calls – Another Way of Saying . . .

It’s no wonder we have trouble attracting new players to the game. Unless they’ve taken time to learn the “slanguage” of craps, they never know what number just rolled. And yes, sometimes the calls do get a bit racy. Here are a few examples:

TWO: Two craps. Aces. Rat’s eyes. Post holes. A pair of nipples.  Snake eyes. Double the bubble. Twice in the rice. Two bad boys from Illinois. Aces both places. Bird balls. A spot and a dot. Baby crap. Crapette. Crapus minimus.

THREE: Three craps. Acey-deucey. Ace caught a deuce. An Australian Yo. The Indicator. Two on one – looks like a party. A Tree grows in Brooklyn. Two-one, son of a gun. Two pips and a ho. Crap and a half.

FOUR: Little Joe from Kokomo. Twenty-two. Double deuce. Shake your tutu. Ace-Trey the easy way.

FIVE: Five. Fever. No Field Five. Thirty-two Juice. Little Phoebe. Fiver fiver racecar driver.

SIX: Sixie from Dixie. The national average. Corner Red. The steak in Steak and eggs. The waiter’s roll, a pair-o-treys. Sister Hicks.

EIGHT: Eighter from Decatur. Ozzie and Harriet. Donnie and Marie. Mom and Dad. The square pair. Pair of windows. Better to get ate easy then not get ate at all.

NINE: Nina Nina from Pasadena. Center Field. Mid-Field Nine. Center of the garden. Ocean liner niner. They shot Jesse James with a forty-five. Nine-Nine, German birth control.

TEN: Ten, Ten, the big one on the end. Puppy paws. Sunflowers. A Pair-o-Roses. Tennessee. Hard ten, the girl’s best friend. The zipper ripper. Two stars from Mars. Six four and out the door.

ELEVEN: Yo ‘leven. Six-Five No Jive. Yo Levine the dance hall queen.

TWELVE: Twelve Craps. Boxcars. Midnight. All the spots we got. Outstanding in the Field. A whole lotta crap. All the crap there is. Crappus Maximus.

And, of course, the number most of us never want to hear:
SEVEN: Seven Out – Line Away. Three-Four, You lost the war. Five-Two, You’re all Through. Six-One – Shooter’s done. The Devil.

Cinqo Dos – adios.