The Murphey

Murphy’s Law states ‘If anything can go wrong it will go wrong’. Its creator, U.S. Air Force Captain Ed Murphy, coined the phrase after a G-force stress measuring device he had installed on a chimpanzee for a rocket sled test failed to function – no doubt stressing the chimp even further. But he could easily have been talking about our favorite game, casino craps.

Dice Influencers deal with a multitude of variables every time they step up to the table. Are the dice new or are they old and dinged up and grabbing the felt every time you toss them? Has the casino switched from ¾ inch to 5/8 inch dice and now you feel like you’re playing Monopoly instead of craps? Did someone spill a drink on the layout last night and leave a sticky spot that’s effecting your roll? What’s underneath that felt?  Closed cell foam?  Old newspaper?  The last three layouts they wore out?  Bare plywood?  No wonder the dice aren’t hitting the back wall. And what about that guy who keeps posting those late bets. How are the dice going to react when they bounce off his knuckles – or his knuckle head? New money on the table? You know where the dice are going to land. Chips in the middle of your landing zone? What?  Say no more! If it can go wrong it will. Or will it?

Just because things go wrong with your picture perfect toss doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Remember, even if the roll is completely random there’s still a one-in-six chance that it won’t result in a seven – and that’s a beautiful thing.

Is dice influencing a sure thing? Of course not. With so many variables anything can happen – which is exactly why you shouldn’t over-bet your hand. Bet a reasonable amount commensurate with your documented skill level. Choose low or no vig bets where you have the greatest opportunity for gain. And if you’re ever tempted to stake your life savings on a roll of the dice take a minute to think about Captain Murphy’s Law.

If anything can go wrong – it will go wrong.  Sometimes.